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Audio/Visual Supplements



Audio samples of different compases from Ravenna Flamenco (scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the compás you’d like to hear).



Sarah and Aiala dance the sevillanas at the Ballroom and Latin Dance Association’s Salsa Spring Party (5/16/09).  Use the video to help you listen to the compás, review the steps, and visualize the partner-to-partner interaction.





Basic flamenco terms


compásbeat, rhythm, measure, the characteristic rhythm of a form

palo – distinct rhythmic pattern and mode (e.g. bulerías, tangos, etc.)

cante song

copla – verse

palmasrhythmic hand clapping used to accompany flamenco song and dance





golpeflat (whole) foot

plantaball of the foot

puntatoe (tip) of the foot

tacónheel of the foot




Basic Sevillana Step


1 – step back on right foot

2 – step forward on left foot

3 – point with (touch tip of) right foot at left heel

4 – step back on right foot

5 – point with (touch tip of) left foot at toe of right foot

6 – small kick with left foot (in order to transfer onto left foot so as to begin the sequence on the opposite side)


To continue this step on the other side, reverse the actions of the right and left feet.


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